Mushrooms by themselves can have a bitter taste, which is why we put a lot of time and effort in our mushroom teas to make them free of any bitterness! Bravo Tea Mushroom Wonders teas offer a smooth, delicious flavor along with the nutritious benefits of wildcrafted mushrooms. Here are some tips for choosing the best tasting mushroom tea.

It Starts with the Ingredients
Our wildcrafted mushrooms grow on our own farm located on the Tibetan Plateau, or are hand-picked from their natural habitats. We choose wildcrafted methods because it ensures the highest quality and concentration of nutrients inside each and every mushroom.

Hot Water Extraction is the Key
Many mushroom drinks don’t contain whole herbs or mushrooms. They’re usually made using freeze-drying to preserve nutrients, but the drawback is the flavor. These products tend to take on a bitter, less refreshing taste. At Bravo Tea, we use hot water extraction to make the mushrooms more flavorful without any of the bitterness. Boiling with the high temperature also increases the bioavailability of beta-glucans and polysaccharide, which are the healthy compounds in mushrooms that provide immune support. Our Mushroom Wonder line of teas are crafted from mushrooms, mushroom extracts and whole herbs, boast a rich, refreshing flavor.


Roasted Goji Leaf for Natural Flavor
We also add roasted goji leaf to the blend. We roasted the organic goji leaf from our own farm using a special roasting technique to mimic a tea flavor, resulting in a smooth and aromatic taste. This way, the goji leaves add a flavor that is similar to green or black tea, but without the caffeine. The result is a caffeine-free tea that tastes way better than freeze-dried products and is more potent than whole mushrooms alone!

Affordable with Quality
We use premium quality mushrooms for our products, while offer them at a similar price point as our other herbal teas, without the high markup that many brands charge for functional mushrooms. So that more people get to enjoy the benefits of drinking mushroom teas at an affordable price!

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