The Three Best All-American Herbs

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The Bravo Tea team is wishing you a healthy and happy July 4th holiday this weekend! To celebrate, in this blog post we’ll discuss the top three herbs native to and popularly used in North America, as well as why taking medicinal herbs is such a great and inexpensive way to support overall health for the whole family.

What are the benefits of taking herbs?

Adding beneficial herbs to your diet has also been shown to help a wide variety of health and wellness concerns, and is a holistic and natural way to support the health of us and our family at any time of year.
What are the most popular American herbs?
The three best North American herbs are red clover, elderberry, and ginseng. These premium herbs have been used across the history of America and their popularity will continue long into the future as well.

Red Clover
The leaves and flowers of red clover are known in Native American herbal tradition as “blood medicine,” believed to be able to cleanse the blood of toxins. Red clover is also used culinarily, often served as garnishes on dishes, or the teas made into jelly in the summertime.
Elderberries are an American classic, having such a wide variety of uses. As a food, they can be made into syrups, jams, or wines. Medicinally, the berries are known to support many aspects of health, the leaves even used in ointments to heal wounds. Herbalists and health food stores commonly recommend elderberry for many ailments due to its many bioactive compounds.
With a gnarled appearance, the root of the ginseng plant often looks like a human body with stringy offshoots that look like limbs. Ginseng is an herb that Native Americans have harvested for a wide variety of uses, ranging from vertigo to fevers. Today, this root is popularly used for its adaptogenic properties that can help boost the immune system and shield against the effects of stress.

Benefits of herbalism to help overall health
As we head into the peak summer season, drink herbal teas with your family to promote health and wellness! Bravo Tea is wishing you a safe and healthy summer season.

Where to find your favorite herbal teas

No matter where you are in the USA, herbs can be one of the best ways to keep up with your health on a daily basis. Your local health food stores or natural market carries many of this plant-based healthy teas.

● Organic and Non-GMO: Many herbs available at health food stores are Non-GMO and grown organically, meaning that the herbs do not contain any contaminants harmful to your health.
● Inexpensive: Drinking herbal teas daily is one of the easiest and most effective ways to address a variety of health issues. The best part is that herbal teas are also much cheaper compared to supplements!
● Health for People and the Planet: Using organically grown herbs not only is nourishing to your body, but can help repair the earth itself. During its long growth period, some herbs can help recycle nutrients back into the soil. The best quality herbs are achieved without fertilizers or chemicals.

Cheers and Happy 4th of July!

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