Certified Organic Teas: What’s Behind the Label?

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For generations, we have been drinking tea for its multitude of health-giving benefits. It is a delightful, delicious, soothing and strengthening part of any daily routine.  However, did you know that in growing organic tea, we are also nurturing the earth? 

Like any plant, whether fruit, vegetable, or herb, tea is an agricultural product that may go through an assortment of growth practices. When you buy certified organic tea, you can be sure that the soil it’s grown in has not been treated with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers that then become part of the surrounding ecosystem. In turn, this means that when ingested, the full benefits of the tea can be received without sacrificing any of its health qualities.

What Does It Mean To Be Certified Organic?

When a farm and its farmers earn the label of “Certified Organic,” they have undergone rigorous procedures to receive the verification. It is an expensive process, not to be taken lightly. Therefore the product may reflect this in its price. To label a product as organic in accordance with the USDA, it must “foster resource cycling, promote ecological balance, maintain and improve soil and water quality, minimize the use of synthetic materials, and conserve biodiversity.”

It Takes Time, Patience, and Diligence

Further, when it comes to tea in particular, the crop may take years to develop (depending on the specific herb in question). For example, licorice must mature for three years before harvest is possible. The wait is also an investment, but this is how purity is achieved. 

The starting point is getting the clean soil certified, but producing a completely organic end product takes time. Then, it must stand up to the inspection procedures required for organic certification. Finally, a product can lose certification if even a trace amount of chemicals is present. But, through it all, the result is well worth the effort when the end product harmonizes with the ecosystem’s natural cycles without chemical intervention.

The Benefits of Growing Organic

Given the effects of agricultural practices on the planet and the growing population, it could not be more important to align ourselves with nature. Of course, agriculture is a business, but here at Bravo Tea, we dream of a future that aligns with the environment instead of destroying it.When you shop Bravo Tea, you support this future vision with us. By going through the necessary steps to become Certified Organic, we can further promote healthy environments that lead to the greatest health benefits for our customers. Try our authentic herbal tea formulas for yourself, and discover the benefits of your well-being!

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