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Herb Adulteration

What Does Bravo Tea do to Fight Herb Adulteration?

What is Herb Adulteration

Herb adulteration is when a substance other than the herb claimed on the label in an herbal product. There are many reasons why herb adulteration happens. Sometimes, it’s done by companies to cut costs.

Other times, microbes can contaminate the ingredients in an herbal product. One form of adulteration that occurs often is when a similar herb takes the place of the desired herb.
This serious issue has been plaguing the natural supplement industry in recent years. Even major brands have had adulteration exposed in their products.

How Bravo Prevents Herb Adulteration in our Products

Our herbs are third party tested for heavy metal and microbial contamination. Testing and manufacturing in a CGMP certified facility are only one part of our process. The way that our herbs are grown and sourced is another powerful way that we have control over quality.

Keeping Traditional Herbs Alive

Bravo Tea works a small network of growers in China as the source for our herbs. Many warn against buying any herb from China or using Chinese herbs at all. The truth is that there are plenty of reasons to choose top quality herbs from the region.
It’s important to us to keep the tradition of TCM alive and sharing it with as many people as possible. There is a very real threat that many of the herbs that are lesser known may disappear completely. Making TCM accessible helps to prevent the loss of this priceless tradition.

Rare Herbs

As you may have already noticed, Bravo Tea uses many herbs that are not well known in North America. Some of these herbs are native to Asia. Others grow on other continents but were never used as herbal medicine. Therefore, some of our most rare herbs are nearly impossible to find in North America.
One of our goals for this product line is using Authentic TCM recipes*. This cannot happen without some very hard to find herbs.
Since there is a general lack of knowledge about them, rare herbs are often adulterated.

Authentic and Potent

Ensuring that the rare herbs are healthy and potent is another important goal of Bravo Tea. Our network of growers are experts in cultivating these special plants for generations. Inexperienced growers can produce herbs that are not as potent as they should be.
Weakened herbs don’t hold up well in TCM herbal recipes. Each herb in a TCM blend works together to create the desired effect. An herb on its own may produce a completely different effect than a combination of herbs. That is why it’s crucial that each herb is the absolute best it can be for our teas.

Going Further

In addition to already being Non-GMO project Certified, by 2022, Bravo Tea will go Organic. Herbal medicine can be affordable and effective- why wouldn’t we want to create the very best for our customers?
* All of Bravo’s teas are vegan and do not contain any animal products. While many authentic TCM herbal formulas do include animal products ours do not.