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Organic Asian Herbs

We pride ourselves on having the best herbs. We’ve already taken the extra step in getting our herbs Non-GMO Project verified. We wanted to go even further, so have we decided to work towards going organic!

As of September 2019, our soil has been certified Organic! Although our products are not yet Organic certified, we are making strides towards an all organic crop.

It takes a few years for some of our special herbs to grow. It may take a few years, but it will be worth the wait.

Growing our own Herbs

Our first crop of Organic herbs will take a while to grow. Some herbs, like licorice must grow for a few years before they can be harvested to make product. We think it will be worth the wait!

Why Organic?

Organic farming has increased in popularity over the past decade. That is no doubt due to a greater understanding of the effects of agriculture on the environment.

Organic farming is a system that focuses on the entire ecosystem- not just the crop that is being produced. Chemicals, genetically modified seeds and even veterinary drugs are all introduced to our greater ecosystem through traditional farming. As the world population grows, the need for large scale farming will as well.

Changing our Impact

Traditional manufacturing and agriculture has taken a toll on our natural world. Organic farming is one way that we can fight pollution and it’s a step we are happy to take. We know firsthand the importance of the natural world. Our products are based around the healing power that is found in nature. Bravo Tea works to create the best natural products with the least amount of environmental impact.

Protecting Rare  Herbs

We use rare herb species that are hard to find. We feel that it is important to preserve the lineage of rare herbs for future generations. There are so many things we still have to learn from these plants, so it’s up to us to protect them. Organic farming is one way of helping us keep rare herbs as potent and rich as they are meant to be.


Quality soil is crucial for the farming of herbs. Most herbs need a crisp and crumbly soil to help protect their root systems. Herb farmers are acutely attuned to the condition of their soil. Organic farming is different than traditional methods because it helps to support the natural flora within the soil. It helps protect the ecosystem that is within the dirt itself from being spent or exhausted over time. Soil with poor nutrient content leads to poor crops and reduced soil productivity.


Organic farming encourages a healhy carbon cycle

Sequestration and the Carbon Cycle

The quality of soil may even have an effect of climate change and air quality. Besides all the other benefits that healthy soil has to offer- reduced carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is one very important benefit.

In the normal carbon cycle of our planet, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is exchanged throughout different parts of our biosphere. In a healthy cycle (one with no or little human CO2 production), CO2 is exchanged throughout the biosphere. Human activity releases extra CO2 in the atmosphere, which puts a strain on this natural cycle.

CO2 in our atmosphere is one of the important gasses that keeps our planet warm. When there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere, and the earth cannot keep up with the proper cycle- and the temperature on the planet rises.

Scientists now believe that land restoration efforts and healthier farming practices could have a large influence in reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.

Groundwater Pollution

Chemicals used as pesticides and synthetic fertilizers easily make their way into groundwater. All of our water sources are connected, and all life on earth needs water to survive. Organic farming uses no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides to prevent the pollution of ground water. Natural manure sources are used which not only boost soil health and prevents pollution- it can also have a restorative effect on areas suffering from water pollution.

So Many Benefits

There are so many more benefits that come from Organic farming. Agriculture has a large impact on human life and our eco-system. We believe organic farming is not only the best way to produce our products- but also an important step we can take to protect the future of our planet. Learn more about the USDA Organic Program and the multitude of benefits from switching to organic.

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