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Santa Ana, CA – March 3, 2023 – Bravo Tea is starting the year off with some great achievements as well as some opportunities to grow its brand. From winning industry awards to launching a new line of mushroom teas, here’s the latest update.

“Bravo” for Bravo Tea’s Latest Awards

Delicious Living Magazine, a trusted health and wellness resource for more than 35 years, announced the winners of its 13th annual Beauty & Body Awards. Each year, Delicious Living selects the top natural products to educate consumers on the most trusted beauty and body-care products in an increasingly saturated market.

“These awards are given to natural beauty and body-care products that demonstrate integrity, inspiration, and innovation for good within the natural product industry,” said Ellen Wheeler, vice president of sales of Delicious Living. “They are recognized as a symbol of excellence among consumers, influencers, industry peers, media, buyers, retailers, suppliers, and health practitioners.”

Bravo Tea received a Gold Retailer Choice Award for its Hair Regrowth tea, which also received a Silver Consumer Choice Award. Bravo’s Clear & Smooth Skin tea received a Bronze Retailer Choice Award. All Bravo Teas are crafted with genuine traditional herbs. These products are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, caffeine-free, and with natural flavoring. No dyes or artificial flavors are ever used. The authentic blends are unlike any other on the market today.

New Mushroom Wonders Teas Now Available

Bravo Tea has also recently launched an entire line of mushroom teas that are already gaining in popularity. In the world of natural products, mushrooms as key ingredients in food and beverages are nothing new; however, the trend is escalating in 2023, becoming even more mainstream. And there are good reasons for that. Mushrooms offer a variety of benefits due to their culinary and therapeutic properties. And Bravo’s mushrooms are sustainably grown in native habitats for the maximum potency and purity Mother Nature can offer.

James Liu, founder and CEO of Bravo Teas, comments, “Because we have such rich resources of wildcrafted herbs grown on our own farms, we were able to create a line of mushroom teas that are delicious and of the highest quality. All of our teas are sustainably sourced from native habitats for the maximum potency and purity Mother Nature can offer.”

Bravo Tea at Expo West

If you’ll be attending EXPO West this year, make sure you stop by the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace on Weds., March 11, from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm at Booth #53. Bravo Tea will be exhibiting and offering samples of all their teas. The Mushroom Wonders line will be featured so that people can sample the flavors for themselves. Bravo Tea is proud of the smooth, appealing flavor quality of these teas and is receiving rave reviews from industry experts. Make sure you stop by and take a sip or two and let the team know what you think!

Brand New Website

If you are NOT able to make it to EXPO West, no worries! Now you can receive all the information you need about Bravo Tea on the new website that just launched this month! For returning visitors, you will notice a big change, including improved navigation to find everything you need, as well as a new visual experience to better reflect the brand. If you’re visiting for the first time, the new website tells the story of Bravo Tea and why this brand is taking the category by storm. You will also be able to easily purchase any Bravo teas directly from the site or find a retailer in your area. ome Bravo Teas are now available at Sprouts Farmers Market!

About Bravo Tea

Bravo Tea is a family-owned company. We grow the majority of herbs from our own organic herbal farm on the Tibetan Plateau. Our functional teas are based on recipes that have existed in Eastern herbalism for Centuries. Indigenous herbal medicine is still practiced all over the world and has existed in nearly every continent of the world for almost as long as there have been human beings. We believe in the power of natural remedies and have a strong belief in the protection of the natural world. We do what we can to promote healthy people and a healthy environment.​

Many of the herbs in our teas are rare and not always familiar to the Western world. By continuing their use, we are protecting these herb species from being lost forever. We are committed to raising awareness about herbal medicinal plants, not just for Chinese herbs but for herbs from every culture.


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