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The Way of Traditional Herbalism

Our roots are in Traditional Eastern Herbalism and we embrace the lessons we can learn from herbal traditions from around the world.

Bravo’s line of condition specific  healthy teas based on the wisdom of Traditional Eastern Herbalism support health using rare herbs seldom found in North America.

Our Absolute line of teas focus on single herb sourced around the world, with an emphasis on flavor and healthy indulgence.

Our herbs are getting even better!

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Hawthorn: a Little-Known Super Fruit

Hawthorn Berry Benefits

Although Hawthorn is a widely used folk ingredient, it’s only now beginning to gain popularity in North America has an herbal remedy. Hawthorn berries are loaded with nutrition and even scientists have been interested in better understanding their benefits.

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Top Benefits of the Golden Spice: Turmeric

Turmeric Root: The Ancient Health Support Herb

For the past several years, turmeric has been one of the trendiest natural health products. The truth is that turmeric is much more than just a passing fad and its use goes back more than 4,000 years, starting in Asia. This beautiful and powerfully nutritious plant not only has deep cultural significance, but modern science has revealed the reasons for its health benefits.

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The Top Benefits of White Mulberry Leaf (Morus Alba)

The Healthy Benefits of White Mulberry

Many Americans have memories of purple stained hands and feet on summer days from eating mulberries. Mulberry is well known in North America, but you can find different species of it all over the world.

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