The Spring Season in TCM

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The Significance of the Seasons

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are five seasons instead of four- as in the Western World. Each of the five elements in nature correlates with specific seasons and organs.

Every season of the year also designates time to work on particular components in life. Organizing your time and finishing goals are some of the focuses in Fall. Spring is best for planning and setting new goals. The five seasons in TCM are Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Elements, Organs and Seasons

Spring associates with the wood element and the liver and gallbladder. Fall connects with the element metal and lungs as it’s organ. Winter links to the kidney and the water element. Summer links to the heart, small intestines, and fire. The additional season of Late Summer goes along with the earth element.

In the Western World, spring begins on March 21st. The Chinese feel that Spring starts in February with the New Year. During the Spring months, there is a collective feeling of new beginnings and starting anew. These months are the ideal time for cleansing and rejuvenation of health. Spring designates itself to the liver and its complementary organ, the gallbladder. These two organs are the primary subjects for springtime cleansing and health regimens.

The liver handles keeping the flow of your Chi (Qi) running. Improving your liver function can maintain balanced emotions and good physical health. You can support liver health by drinking lots of water and eating healthy. Spring is the perfect time to eat light and try new fruits and vegetables. Rather than chowing down on chips, you should give nuts and seeds a try. You can also help with liver detoxification by getting exercise without overdoing it.

What to do in Spring According to TCM

Exercise is beneficial for your body in moderation. It is important not to overwork your body and risk joint damage. In TCM sweat is a liquid of the heart, it’s not ideal to sweat an excessive amount. Yoga or walking will get your heart moving without overworking the rest of your body.

The Spring months associated with the wood element are the perfect time to work on its balance. You can support the wood element by waking up early. Setting goals and planning also help keep wood balanced. These simple tasks assist with being better prepared for what is to come. Preparation aids less frustration and anxiety, keeping your emotional state sound.

Keeping the Wood Element in Balance

Keeping the wood element balanced is essential for full body health. When the wood element is in balance, you will feel more confident and motivated. An unbalanced wood element causes rage, stress and other negative emotions. It is easy to tell when the wood element is out of balance by chronic fatigue, but also by the physical symptoms. Joint problems are a consequence of imbalanced wood. You may also experience dry eyes and headaches.

Do your best to remain joyful during the Spring, get outside and enjoy the weather by taking long walks. Consider joining a yoga class. Meditation has proven to help maintain your mood and to help your body relax. Work on creating more order in your life. You can gather friends and family, or do a solo project, to get rid of things you no longer need or use.

Detox in Springtime

Toxins are something your body doesn’t need and you should work to get rid of them. Give yourself and your liver a soothing detox. Refraining from chemical preservatives and junk foods will give your body a break. Eat seasonal Spring produce like strawberries, asparagus, and cherries for example.

Focus on your wood element this Spring and bask in the benefits of balanced Chi. You are sure to feel more decisive and ready to conquer your goals with confidence. The wood element is gentle, persistent, and filled with creative potential. Spend Spring utilizing these characteristics and attaining goals. By feeling more driven to do things, the wood element allows you to become more yourself. You should enjoy this season and strengthen your roots. You will be more well-rounded by learning more about yourself and your desires.



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