Solomon’s Seal Rhizome

Apocynum leaf is one of the lesser-known herbs originating in Asia, especially in North America. Its use has been limited to folk remedies and as a healthy tea drink for many years but now is becoming a popular ingredient in herbal formulas. Scientists in the West and across Asia are also looking at the possible health benefits of apcoynum venetum leaf.

Solomon’s Seal Rhizome

Although Solomon’s seal is a lesser-known herb in modern North America, it has a long history of use in Asia, North America, and in Europe. Fragrant Soloman’s seal rhizome is known as yù zhú, meaning Jade Bamboo in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Herbs to Help Menopause from Traditional Eastern Herbalism

Soothing Comfort for Menopause

Menopause can come with a lot of discomfort. As the body loses estrogen, women can experience hot flashes, anxiety, irritability, night sweats and a host of other uncomfortable issues.  

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