Bravo Tea in the Media

For years people didn’t know about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the best way to learn about it is to grow up around it as the owner of our company did. In this segment, James talks about how he got interested in TCM and transparency in creating the products. Some of this tea maybe meant to be consumed differently than you think. Consumption styles and result expectations are also discussed. A lot of herbs in these teas are not well comprehended in western medicine, James goes into detail about how each tea benefits the body. Learn more about these teas and save money on doctor’s visits!

There are now teas made specifically for certain health conditions. Bravo Tea has a formula for everything from detoxing to sugar level maintenance. Based on ancient formulas, our teas contain natural herbs. Bravo tea is the best option for anyone looking for common health remedies. These teas are non-GMO, vegan, and Jasmin infused making them ideal for any diet.

Holly Hill Vitamins started in 1991 as a small family-owned business. Jim Wilk and Kim Driggs take a moment to discuss Bravo tea. Ray Slawecki opened the business after experiencing positive benefits from herbs and supplements. He was inspired to teach others about health and taking care of their bodies in different ways. Holly Hills Vitamins now airs a radio episode every Friday educating other about nutritional science and new products.
Kim Driggs is the CEO of Avatar Marketing who works with the Bravo tea line. They discuss the benefits of the tea and how they affect one’s health. Kim believes Bravo has high-quality products that are superior to other brands. Bravo focuses on the aging public and is focused on customer needs.
Kim also gives insight into Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it works. There is a balance in the body that the Chinese believe can be maintained by the use of herbs.