Our Mission

We believe that herbal medicine should be protected and passed down to future generations. Many of the herbs in our teas are rare and not always familiar to the western world. By continuing their use, we are protecting these herb species from being lost forever. We are committed to raising awareness about herbal medicinal plants, not just for Eastern herbs but for herbs from every culture.

Not only are we keeping this ancient human tradition alive, but we are preserving these herbs for future use. Even the World Health Organization recommends that each country should have an “adequate national herbarium” in order to preserve and learn more about medicinal herbs. Many herbs are falling victim to pesticide overload from big agricultural farming. Herb crops that are farmed with pesticides will lose their efficacy over time. They can be dangerous for the people who consume them as well as bad for the environment as a whole. As popular interest for herbal medicine grows, we hope to assist in the responsible preservation of these medicinal herbs.