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The Way of Traditional Herbalism

Our roots are in Traditional Eastern Herbalism and we embrace the lessons we can learn from herbal traditions from around the world.

Bravo’s line of condition specific  healthy teas based on the wisdom of Traditional Eastern Herbalism support health using rare herbs seldom found in North America.

Our Absolute line of teas focus on single herb sourced around the world, with an emphasis on flavor and healthy indulgence.

Our herbs are getting even better!

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Top Benefits of Rhodiola Root Tea

The indigenous people of the Tibetan region had their own health practices, long before outside influences were able to find them. Later, aspects of traditional Chinese herbalism and Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional health system of India, also made their way into Tibet’s herbal practices. The practice of Sowa Rigpa, which is the Tibetan word for its system of medicine, goes back over 2,500 years.

Rhodiola: The Golden Root

When plants grow in tough conditions, such as in areas of high altitude or rocky cliff sides, they must adapt in order to survive. One such plant from the cold Northern Hemisphere evolved to be so full of chemical compounds beneficial for human health, that it survived for thousands of years and spread across the world.

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